KickStart Cashflow - up to 25% Net Cashflow ROI, 100% Turn-Key!

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KickStart Cashflow
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KickStart Cashflow - up to 25% Net Cashflow ROI, 100% Turn-Key!

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Up to 25% Net Cashflow from Day One

Fully Turn-Key Real Estate Investments
To KickStart YOUR Passive Cashflow!

Are you averaging 22% or more Net Passive Cashflow from your portfolio?

If not, you need to see KickStart Cashflow's turnkey investments!

We specialize in finding and creating positive cashflow investments that yield up to 25% Net ROI Cashflow after all anticipated expenses of ownership.

Also, unlike most "turn key deal finders" who've popped up recently (and can disappear just as fast), we are a full-time, professionally-run, high-volume business with real bricks-and-mortar offices, our own fully licensed Real Estate Brokerage, and a Rental Management company in-house.
100% of our business is investment real estate. That's all we do.

In the current market, almost anyone can buy real estate below peak-of-the-market "value" and make equity gains on paper, but not everyone can deliver REAL Cash Flow that puts spendable money in the bank each and every month, with much of the rent being paid DIRECTLY by the US Government straight to you! In fact, NuWire Investor ranked our market the #1 cash flow hotspot in the USA.

As professionals, we make it EASY for you

One of the biggest problems that "hands on" or "Do It Yourself" Real Estate Investors confront is that the more properties they acquire, the more complicated it becomes for them to manage and grow their portfolio. We recognize that your time is valuable. We also recognize that smart investors need LEVERAGE to achieve big returns with the least amount of work required to achieve them.

Our Turn-Key Cashflow Investing system is designed so that you can leverage our Systems, Experience, and Expertise to achieve fantastic returns with minimal hassles.

We do EVERYTHING to set up the investment, so you don't have to:

–   Know the local market

–   Know the good areas from the bad areas

–   Network to make connections to find the best deals

–   Assess, Budget, and Hire Contractors to Renovate

–   Manage the Renovations Work, Timeframe, Quality, or Bookkeeping

–   Pass Building Code, Lead, and Certificate of Occupancy inspections

–   Find a professional, Broker-Licensed Rental Management firm

–   Advertise for Tenant Candidates

–   Take calls from applicants all day

–   Screen dozens of applicants and run background checks

–   Show your rental units to approved Tenant Candidates

–   Arrange Government and charity-assisted rent payments

–   Know the local tenancy laws and procedures

–   Place Tenants with legal leases and agreements completed

–   Find and use a forwarding service to receive and forward your mail

We do ALL the hard work. You simply Buy It and Get PAID!

That is why we call it Turn-Key Cashflow Investing!

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