KickStart Cashflow - up to 25% Net Cashflow ROI, 100% Turn-Key!

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KickStart Cashflow
Suite 201 - 2255 Lyell Ave
Rochester, NY
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KickStart Cashflow - up to 25% Net Cashflow ROI, 100% Turn-Key!

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By focusing narrowly and exclusively on providing Real Estate Investment and Rental Management services only, our Brokerage office operates extremely efficiently to give you the level of pro-active service and attention you require as a serious Real Estate Investor.

Meet our Key People

Michael Anger

Michael Anger

Founder, International Investor Relations & Marketing

Michael Anger is the founder of KickStart Cashflow, and brings US turn key deals and international investors together for mutual success.

As an international real estate investor himself, Michael understands the challenges, needs, and concerns of people considering an investment in a foreign country. He has worked extensively with Matt Scherb and Steven King to create and perfect the turn-key deal concept and systems, so that foreign national and non-local investors can have peace of mind in knowing that their investments are safe and performing optimally, regardless of geographic considerations.

Michael also manages the KickStart Cashflow website, Blog, Newsletter, and other domestic and international marketing and investor education functions.

Our offices are located at 2255 Lyell Ave - Suite 201, Rochester NY, 14606.