KickStart Cashflow - up to 25% Net Cashflow ROI, 100% Turn-Key!

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KickStart Cashflow - up to 25% Net Cashflow ROI, 100% Turn-Key!

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100% Turn Key means professional,

Broker-licensed Rental Management

Successful investors know "the money is in the management."

Trust our professional team to manage your precious cashflow assets.

Our Real Estate and Rental Management office is Broker-licensed with 8 highly experienced, dedicated staff, so you can be assured of professionalism, quality work and follow-through, legal compliance, and risk minimization in the management of your precious cash flow assets.

We're also lead-abatement certified, and have established relationships with local rental and housing agencies, as well as the very pro-landlord Heading Home, Housing Council, and Action for Better Communities (ABC) departments within Rochester City.

By having us manage your rental properties, you will benefit from our market knowledge, contacts, expertise, and professional, prudent approach to tenant screening and placement. If you buy your Turn-key investment property through us, it's just like taking your car to the factory-trained technicians at the dealership rather than your local garage on the corner; our crews renovated it and know it best, so we can continue to look after it better than anyone else. This is also your assurance that we don't offer bad houses or go into the wrong areas of town, since most investors want us to stay on as the rental managers. After all, it's not "turn key investing" if you have to worry about your investments or manage them yourself -- that's called "having a second job"!

Maximum Rent. Minimum Vacancy.

Indeed, "the money is in the management". This means getting superior market rents while also maintaining an exceptionally low vacancy rate. We achieve this across our entire managed rental portfolio as a direct result of 7 key factors that distinctly set us apart from other management firms and Do-It-Yourself landlords:

1. We manage the cleanest, freshest rental portfolio in the city, because we renovate every single property we acquire, without exception. Clean houses consistently attract quality tenants and command top rental prices.

2. Location, location, location! We ONLY focus on safe, desirable neighbourhoods and avoid the type of areas that attract bad tenants.

3. We employ a proprietary marketing system that drives over 300 applicant inquiries per month. There is a waiting list for our rentals.

4. Our professional rental managers know the current market rent on a street-by-street level, because rental management is all they do.

5. We get word of mouth referrals from good tenants who appreciate our quality and professionalism. People associate with others who share their core values... meaning good tenants know other good tenants, and tell them to rent from us.

6. We are respectful towards our good tenant customers and treat people with dignity. Good tenants appreciate being respected, and many will stay long after their initial lease expires, minimizing turn-over vacancy.

7. We deal with problems swiftly and effectively, from rental arrears to unauthorized pets, occupants, or other lease agreement breaches, we are in action immediately once we are aware of a problem, and firm in our approach to ensure the most effective resolution possible in protecting your rental.

Our rental management services include:

- marketing for new tenants

- tenant screening with background checks for prior evictions and convictions

- tenant placement

- rent collection (including late fees)

- facilitating property inspections

- preparing rental units when tenants transition

- managing maintenance work orders

- managing maintenance issues as they arise

- co-ordinating lawn maintenance or snow removal as required

- monthly financial reports available 24/7 online via PropertyWare

- co-ordinating evictions if required

- being on-call 24/7 for emergency maintenance issues

- facilitating necessary repairs

- preparing all necessary paperwork for DSS or Section 8 subsidized tenants

- two-way, tracked communication with the managers via PropertyWare

- mail opening, scanning and forwarding service for foreign nationals

- paying property tax, insurance, and water bills as they arise (additional fee)

If you already have your own rental properties in Rochester, or plan to acquire one or more as Turn Key cash flow investments through us, we would be happy to discuss our rental management services in greater detail with you... simply contact us.