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KickStart Cashflow - up to 25% Net Cashflow ROI, 100% Turn-Key!

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Important Legal Information

Please read the following important legal information.

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KickStart Cashflow Information and Liability Disclaimer

The terms of this disclaimer must be accepted to proceed with any investment or transaction presented by Holding Anger NY1, LLC, under the brand name KickStart Cashflow, or in a KickStart Cashflow branded opportunity report.

Engaging in any investment, business venture, project, or activity mentioned or introduced to you through or by Holding Anger NY1, LLC, under the brand name KickStart Cashflow, and/or its Agents (herein, and in this site known collectively as “KickStart Cashflow”) without having successfully signed and returned this form to KickStart Cashflow is subject to, and will indicate your complete acceptance of, all terms contained herein as if signed acceptance of this disclaimer had been granted by completing and signing this disclaimer.

By use of the KickStart Cashflow website, you indicate that you understand and accept the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer.

1. The Role of KickStart Cashflow

1.1 I acknowledge that the role of KickStart Cashflow is solely and exclusively to act as an independent finder and facilitator of arms-length third parties interested in offering and seeking investment opportunities and other related business activities. It is entirely the responsibility of the independent third parties to negotiate the details of any prospective interaction or transaction, as well as to conduct and approve their own due diligence to their own satisfaction before proceeding into any business transactions or binding agreements. It is incumbent upon the independent third parties to verify all information presented by KickStart Cashflow.

1.2 I acknowledge that KickStart Cashflow does not provide any specific financial, investment, or real estate advisory services and by providing general information and investment opportunity facilitation services, KickStart Cashflow is not acting in an advisory capacity to any party. I understand that any and all financial, investment, real estate, legal, or tax information that may be presented or made available by KickStart Cashflow in any form is to be considered general in nature and I should refer to appropriately licensed professional advisors for advice specific to my personal situation.

1.3 I acknowledge that KickStart Cashflow is not in the business of investment consulting, investment wholesaling, retailing, or development, although individuals with close ties to KickStart Cashflow may choose to participate in businesses in these areas in their own independent capacities as professionals, investors, and/or individuals, and not in the capacity of KickStart Cashflow.

1.4 I acknowledge that KickStart Cashflow may provide a non-binding “reservation service” for time-limited or quantity-limited opportunities by allowing interested parties to place a fully refundable deposit to secure an opportunity for a specified duration on a first-come-first-served basis. Through using this service, interested parties may issue a request to KickStart Cashflow to withdrawal the specified opportunity from access by other potential interested parties. Use of this service DOES NOT represent a purchase or contract, nor is it intended to be interpreted as a purchase or contract of any sort. Requests received through this service are non-binding and KickStart Cashflow reserves the right to not honour any request received. Should KickStart Cashflow not honour the reservation request for any reason, a full refund will be made as soon as practicable. While reasonable efforts will be made to withdraw the opportunity appropriately, KickStart Cashflow is simply representing the opportunity on behalf of a third party and has no direct control over any opportunities or the availability of any opportunities, and thus makes no representation that use of this service will ensure a successful reservation request. Deposits received will be refunded to the Interested Party posting the deposit as soon as practicable upon any of the following events; execution (“closing”) of the contract, withdrawal of the offer by the offering party, declining of the offer by interested party, or expiry of the specified time frame with no other outcome having been reached. Should KickStart Cashflow deem that the reservation system is being abused, KickStart Cashflow reserves the right to permanently ban the IP address(es), user account(s), and/or credit card(s) of the deemed offender from use on the KickStart Cashflow website.

2. Information Provided by KickStart Cashflow

2.1 I acknowledge that KickStart Cashflow opportunity reports, and any other related documents or incidental information pertaining to an opportunity (herein known collectively as “opportunity reports”) are intended for general information and interest-seeking purposes only. Any and all information and specific details provided by KickStart Cashflow in opportunity reports has been provided to KickStart Cashflow by the Deal Finder, Vendor, Business, prospective Joint Venture Partner (or any of their respective Agents) seeking Investor or Buyer interest through KickStart Cashflow.

KickStart Cashflow gives no warranty or representation as to the accuracy of information provided by any third party. No information, forward-looking statements, or estimations represent any final determination or guaranteed outcome on the part of KickStart Cashflow.

2.2 I acknowledge that while the information presented in or with KickStart Cashflow opportunity reports has been reasonably researched in good faith and is thought to be reliable at the time of publication, investment and business activities are highly speculative and subject to market fluctuations as well as circumstantial events. Accordingly, some information contained in the report may change over time and become inaccurate. While KickStart Cashflow makes every effort to provide correct and up-to-date details in opportunity reports, KickStart Cashflow cannot guarantee that any information presented is accurate or has not or will not change over time.

2.3 I acknowledge and agree that KickStart Cashflow does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any party for any loss or damage caused by the use of any information contained in any opportunity report or other format, or any errors or omissions in the information contained in any related report or document, whether such errors or omissions result from typographical, transposition, negligence, accident, or any other cause. In no event shall KickStart Cashflow be liable to any party for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever arising out of the use of any information contained in a KickStart Cashflow opportunity report, even if KickStart Cashflow has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

3. Investors and Interested Parties’ Obligations and Use of Professional Advisors

3.1 I acknowledge that, as a prospective Buyer or Investor, I believe myself to be suitably capable in this capacity, and understand that as such, I am required to complete my own investigation and due diligence to my own satisfaction prior to engaging in any proposed transactions or binding agreements.

3.2 I acknowledge that I am personally responsible for the outcomes of any investing and business activity in which I choose to become involved, and investing and business decisions that I make, regardless of the outcomes.

3.2 I acknowledge that any areas concerning taxes or specific legal or technical situations must be referred appropriately to lawyers, accountants, consultants, Realtors, or other professionals duly licensed, qualified, and authorized to render such advice.

3.3 I acknowledge hereby having been advised by KickStart Cashflow to seek independent legal and financial advice from qualified professionals regarding any proposed transactions or binding agreements that I, my agents, or any related legal entities, may enter into.